The Chugarkwon Academy is a martial arts school offering group training and specialised seminars in Kung Fu, Self Defence, Chi Kung, and other related arts. Regular classes are held in London and Eastbourne, Sussex.

This eclectic martial art teaches traditional formwork, physical and mental development, Shaolin Chin Na, practical self defence and oriental philosophy. The 1st Degree foundation course consists of ten grades of advancement moving up a ranking system that denotes seniority and experience. Step by step, each grade teaches new aspects of fundamental principles through repetition and application.


For general enquiries please call 07791 486 569, or email


We have new uniforms!

The next all-day training session will be in Eastbourne on Sunday 25th September.

There will be a pre-grading half-day training event in London on 5th November, details TBC.

The next grading will be at Reynolds Sports centre on 27 November, from 10.30 to 12.30.

We have started work on a DVD of the Chugarkwon San Da syllabus as a teaching aid for instructors.



Red Belt
Rachel Russell

Yellow Belt
Mark Cornwell
Matthew Cornwell
Humphrey Bartosik
Anton Doicin
Mikel Fernandes
Anastasia Haruma-Tantirige

Green Belt
Jonathan Merrill
Stephen Merrill

Purple Red Belt
Matthew Bourne

Brown Belt
Luis Mulraine
Lindsay Romain